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The Relationship with your Cooperating Teacher: Ms. Kim Roberts and Ms. Andi Wojnowski 05/02/2013

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Today our guest speakers were Ms. Roberts (a Elementary Art teacher) and Ms. Andi Wojnowski (a current student teacher for Ms. Roberts). I’ve gotten to know Andi through the Children’s Art Club, so hearing about her experiences was really great to hear! She’s just awesome.  Together she and her CT shared all about their relationship as well as some helpful artifacts about what to do and not to do, scheduling, planning, and other valuable wisdom.  This was really really exciting for me, since I will be in these shoes come September as I start student teaching! Aaaah I am sooo excited! Okay, back on track…

Ms. Roberts handed us nifty little articles from unions to professional development plans. She even handed us a document listing all of the different standards you can expect from elementary grade levels, which I know I will find extremely beneficial!

Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of student teaching from the packet Ms. Roberts handed out to us (this is good stuff)!


-Take risks and integrate your own ideas

-Plan, plan, plan and plan according to the age level you are teaching

-Be careful with comments on students’ work

-Record everything you can from reflections to memories and photos

-Befriend the teachers, principal, kids,  janitor, etc…


-Don’t call in sick unless you are near death

-Don’t make excuses

-Don’t come late

-Don’t get behind in journaling (you will love your journal a year later)

-Don’t lie to students or let them know you are having a bad day (they will eat you alive)

Some questions raised that came up were about planning, head-weeks, the edTPA lesson plans, etc. Andi had a fun little video to share with us, too! It was awesome and pumped us up for student teaching with the edTPA! Later I asked her how many lesson plans I should plan on writing for student teaching. Both she and Trey said to have at least one per age level, so that’s some great advice! I plan on writing a good chunk of my lessons over the summer.

Overall their visit was great and very encouraging! I’ve heard horror stories about some CT’s and how awkward it can be sometimes, but Andi and Ms. Robert’s turned out great! I’m excited to meet mine soon and get rolling into student teaching! I will know my placements in a week!! Wow! 🙂


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